I live on Lake Seminole, located in Southwest Georgia. I was born and raised in Southwest Georgia, Brinson, on a farm of about 150 acres of land. We grew peanuts, corn and one year cotton, never to plant any more cotton. We all got our fill of cotton as it was a dry year and it only got about 10 inches high and we had to pick it by hand, fefore the machines were invented. This was in  the  the early fifties and all the machinery we had was a tractor some emplements and a corn puller. Most of the work was done by manual labor. We never went hungry and had nice clothes to wear. We attended church, Pine Grove, every Sunday and Wednesday and our pastor was Rev. Monroe Dykes whome we loved dearly. I have one brother and one sister both younger than me, we all graduated from high school.

I worked at the local fire department for about 5 years, after high school. I was the youngest person to drive one of the 2 fire trucks. The one I drove was a Segrave fire engine like driving a train with a sterring wheel. The first time I laid out hoses for a fire, I laid out about all I had on the truck as I drove by the first fire plug. They made me roll up most of the hoses, I learned my Lesson. While I was working at the fire departmeent I met my wife to be Janice. We were married on Dec. 22, 1958, great year. We just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, we are as close now as we were in 1958 the LOVE of my LIFE. We have no children but lots of nieces and nephews to spoil, we love them all.

I joined the Navy in Dec 1961 went to San Diego for boot training. While there it snowed and many of us were sick but forged on. I was transfered to Jacksonville Fl. into a patrol squadron VP 30 at NAS Jax.  The squadron was a training outfit, flying P2V's had 2 props and 2 jets and a spotter sat in the nose as it was all plexiglass, not for me. I was an avaition electrician  and worked on all sorts of equipment. I reenlisted for 4 years and was transferred to Atsugi Japan. Atsugi NAS was one of the support centers for the Vietnam aircraft. We were working 7 days a week 12 hrs a day for the first year and several months to repair and return aircraft to action. Worked on a variety of aircraft from the F-4's, F-8's, A-1's, C-117's and many others. I was transfered to Oceana Virginia squadron VA- 176, A-6a aircraft jets. I went aboard the Franklin D. Roosevelt after it was overhauled with an angle deck and new quarters, airconditioned. Went on a shakedown cruise to Cuba for several months. Flew from Cuba to San Juan to seed hurricanes with icetope, trying to make them rain out and deminish, no luck. Some of them actually got stronger. I don't think we contributed to them.  After this episode I went aboard the,FDR CVA 42, for a Med. cruise, was glad to get back , I ended my career with the navy and joined the ranks of civilians.

I went to work with a company named Diebold Inc. where I made a career with them for 30 years. I began as a service tech in electronics and retired as a customer service manager in 2001. I did have the oppertunity to bring in the year 2000 with all the rumors that all kind of things were going to happen. We had our entire workforce on active duty or standby. All our planning and action made things go smoothly. The greatest concerns were the Banks concerns for security and the date roll over, went fine.

I retired in Jan of 2001 with Diebold Inc.. Me and the wife, Jan,  had a log home built on Lake Seminole where we are enjoying life and each other imensely. If you are ever in our area give us a shout  retired4sure@msn.com.

I have become interested in photography and enjoy this as  a hobby . I read, study and spend a great amount of time in forums trying to learn and improve my hobby. I now own 5 Pentax cameras K100 Super,K10D, K20D, K7, and K5 with numerous lens. My favorite Forum is pentaxforum.com,  http://www.pentaxforums.com/index.php give it a try, it's FREE.

I have several computer programs that I use to process photos, Paint Shop Pro Ultimate, Photoimpact X3, Painter Essentials 4,  Corel Virtual painter 5, Lightroom 3, photomatrix pro 4, and others. They do a goog job for me, I learn something new every day.

If you are interested in photography and in need of assistance please contact me I will assist you.

This site will be devoted primarly to photography.

Pursue your dreams, look back occasionally to remember how you got where you are, through hard work, honesty, consideration for others,  and ALWAYS giving thanks an praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  by Ed


God Bless America & our Troops